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The Rich Sounds of Chorale Midwest -

 Excerpts From the 2021-2022 Season

Chorale Midwest is an audition-only choir made up of musicians from the Eastern Iowa area. The Chorale boasts a number of music educators and enthusiasts each with a background steeped in various musical experiences.


Members of the Chorale range in age from senior high school students to older adults who all come together in the spirit of music to create a cohesive sound that celebrates music from early music to music of the preeminent choral composers of today. 

Listen to some short snippets of our rehearsals and performances below for a taste of our rich choral sound. 

Chorale Midwest Spring Concert, April 2022, Illuminare
In Celebration of our
25th Anniversary

Bradley T. Barrett directs Chorale Midwest in the first movement, Gloria, of Illuminare by Elaine Hagensberg. To celebrate our 25th Anniversary year, the piece was commissioned by Chorale Midwest and a consortium of other choirs.

Oh, Shenandoah
Chorale Midwest Gala Rehearsal May 2022

The Chorale Midwest runs through Oh, Shenandoah, a full-choir number performed in the May 2022 Gala, A Celebration of Our Heritage in the Usher's Ferry Pavilion. The Gala included horse-drawn buggy rides, a silent auction, and some good midwestern picnic-style snacks and drinks. 


Men of the Chorale Midwest Perform There is a Great MAn in the May 2022 Gala

The men from the Chorale Midwest perform There is a Great Man, one of the pieces from the May 2022 Gala, held at Ushers Ferry. 

Silent Night by Chorale Midwest Chamber Singers, Rehearsal for Christmas Concert, Dec. 2021  

In the beautifully remodeled First Lutheran Church, the Chorale Midwest runs through Silent Night during a rehearsal with Director Bradley T. Barrett.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about Chorale Midwest or have any questions about tickets, our performances or auditioning for the Chorale, please contact us at

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